Music Videos
Film Score

Round Robin
[Promotional Short]
Editor, Motion Graphics, Music
Three female Pixar artists collaborate on a trilogy of collaborative illustration books.
Sketchtravel: Aurélien Predal Promo
[Promotional Short]
Motion Graphics
A short video promoting the collaborative illustration project "Sketchtravel." I cut up a painting by Aurélien Predal to create the film.
Sketchtravel: Tadahiro Uesugi Promo
[Promotional Short]
Motion Graphics, Music
A short video promoting the collaborative illustration project "Sketchtravel." I cut up a painting by Tadahiro Uesugi to create the film and composed the music.
Balthazar: Imaginary Sailor, Pretend Photographer [Mature]
[Short Documentary]
Director, Camera, Editor
A portrait of NYC-based photographer Balthazar Simões.
JE Sunde ~ The Making of "Now I Feel Adored"
[Short Documentary]
Director, Camera, Editor
Behind the scenes with JE Sunde as he records his second full-length LP "Now I Feel Adored".
Forward (Trailer)
[Ambient Multimedia Composition]
Director, Camera, Editor, Music
A film & musical composition about the Wisconsin landscape and its residents. Performed live in Lime Ridge, Wisconsin on October 15th, 2015.
Phox ~ Post Traumatic Confetti Disorder
[Experimental Short Documentary]
Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics
Shortly after releasing their EP "Confetti" and getting lots of attention at South By Southwest, the band Phox felt very strange. Watch the band tour, waste time at home, and freestyle rap in this portrait from the inside.
Phox ~ Annduncement
[Promotional (?) Video]
Directing, Editing
Our managment wanted us to make a "record announcement" video wherein we simply tell our fans that we are "about to make a record." Unpleased with this, we made a video to make fun of our management instead.
Sonntag ~ The John Milton EP
[Promotional Short]
Editing, Motion Graphics, Music
A short video to explain the making of a decade-old, experimental electronic record.
Storm in My Heart
[Abstract Live Action Short]
Concept, Directing, Editing, Camera
The landscapes within a grieving heart.