Music Videos
Film Score

J.E. Sunde ~ Hickory Point in the Fall
Concept, Director, Editor
Winter spirits begin to haunt Jon Sunde as fall ends. Shot in Jon's childhood home in Amery, WI. Inspired by Fellini's "Juliet of the Spirits."
Phox ~ Kingfisher
Concept, Director, Editor
"Weeding a million nightmares I chanced one dream / It was in mint condition in my sleep / Flying one Kingfisher as I was lost / The mind paints a lovely landscape at the cost."
Phox ~ Slow Motion
Concept, Director, Editor
A remake of the original Slow Motion video & song from Phox's video-EP "Confetti," we approached the second Slow Motion video with the same recklessness and imprivsational spirit we approached the original video with - only now with a budget. Friends gathered in an abandoned house in Nashville and we made a party out of it.
J.E. Sunde ~ Prism (Lyric Video)
Concept, Co-Director (with XLVI), Editor, Title Design


A hazy, ethereal lyric video for J.E. Sunde's "Prism", exploring our perceived sense of progress and how we're not always moving forward as quickly as we'd hope to. Dynamic cloud tank footage was shot in slow motion with a variety of colored and flashing lights, and then paired with a heavy glow/grain filter and an assortment of digital additions. Sunde's thoughtful lyrics were laid on top to drive the video and keep the focus on what's being said throughout.

Phox ~ Confetti (Video-EP)
Concept, Director, Editor
Watch the full film here.

[Confetti is a video-EP from PHOX, a project where video and audio were recorded simultaneously to create an EP and this film]

Welcome to the domestic, fantastical reality that is born out of winter hibernation - textured with the digital peasant chic of midi wonderlands and the hum-drum dusty gold mine that is Midwestern thrift. Forgo your pennies, all your common cents for the tasteless-scrap-turned-folk-art-ballroom-fabulous; blanketing your ballerina dance, broken-hearted banjo strum, ice-screams, tinsel-hoots, late-night clarinet lines and improv-whatevers in theatrical style as they shoot beyond the edge of the cosmos but no further than the living room ceiling.

We began this project as enlightened players but by the end we were computer eyes and winter weight, using beer-stained tripods as walking sticks to cross confetti oceans and brush our teeth in dead movie sets. We ripped apart our fully-grown young until we remembered once again that we must let them be themselves and run into the arms of strangers (aka need this done by Friday thx).

Now we can infinitely ponder our experiment in our cold bones and spring-hopeful skin; remembering the dead trees, the sound of cups on wood, and arguably the best sleepover ever; resulting not in the creation of cinema with a capital C, but something better - the reaching for it.

Boom Forest ~ 33
Concept, Director, Editor
My childhood friend John Paul Roney (Boom Forest) was about to turn 33. I planned to meet up with him in Nashville to film a docu-style music video for his song "Holy Ghost" about his late father "Hitch" Roney. Once I arrived in Nashville, we discovered footage of Hitch on his 33rd birthday. I spliced together the footage of the two men on their birthdays and created a short film / music video hybrid out of it.
We Are The Willows ~ Dear Ms Branstner
Director, Editor
This song belongs to an album that is based on 350 love letters written by frontman Peter Miller’s grandfather during World War II. Peter provided me slides of his grandparents and family spanning a generation which I edited rock 'n roll Ken Burns style. I then added hand rotoscoped performance footage of the band over top to add something colorful and capture the band's spirit as they made a musical effort to tell this story.
Ugly Sweaters ~ Sisters
Concept, Director, Editor
LA band Ugly sweaters throws down in their performance space. No high-minded concepts or clever hipster nonsense here. Just a quick and dirty rock video.